Freight Road Transport

Freight Road Transport

Freight Road transport includes activities like the haulage of bulk, stock and heavy, and liquid and refrigerated transport. The industry also carries vehicles, waste materials and logs. The industry needs to include the operation of terminals, packing and courier activities. Roads are the primary method of transporting freight within the United Kingdom.

Brexit uncertainty boosts UK freight services. Industrial production activity in the UK rose over 2019-20 despite economic uncertainty post-EU referendum. This rise was primarily due to stockpiling activity by UK companies anticipating Brexit. Unconventional stockpiling by businesses stimulated international trade volume, increasing goods import value by 9.9% through March 2019.

(Ibis World, 2023)
Market Size: £34bn
Number of businesses: 61,039
Industry Employment: 288,475

(Ibis World, 2021)


  • Brexit uncertainty
  • Increasing costs lead to a shrinking profit margin and price hikes
  • Fuel prices
  • Staff shortages

(Ibis World, 2023)


  • Green transport initiatives
  • Eco-friendly commercial vehicles
  • E-commerce and digitisation
  • Investment in electrical infrastructures

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