Mental Health Awareness Week: Coping with Anxiety

Mental Health Awareness Week: Coping with Anxiety

Mental Health Awareness Week: Coping with Anxiety

Mental Health Awareness Week is an important event that shines a light on the importance of mental health in our daily lives. This year’s official theme, ‘anxiety’, highlights the need for greater awareness of the many different forms of anxiety and the impact it can have on individuals and communities. At Eternal Engagements, we’re committed to supporting mental health and wellbeing. We’ve developed an app that provides instant access to NHS-approved guides on anxiety, health anxiety, social anxiety, panic and more.

Anxiety can be difficult to live with, but there are many effective strategies for managing it. Our employee assistance programme (EAP) is designed to provide support 24/7/365, with access to professionally qualified and experienced counsellors, articles, meditation guides, how-to videos, and podcasts. Our goal is to empower our clients to take control of their mental health and to provide the tools and resources they need to live happier, healthier lives.

One technique that can be beneficial for managing anxiety is the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique.This technique involves focusing on your senses and the environment around you, which can help bring you back to the present moment and reduce anxiety. Start by taking a deep breath, then:

Look around and identify 5 things you can see

Touch 4 things around you, such as your desk, your clothes, or your skin

Listen for 3 things you can hear, such as birds singing or traffic outside

Smell 2 things you can smell, such as coffee or perfume

Taste 1 thing you can taste, such as a mint or a piece of fruit

Another technique that has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping or psychological acupressure. This technique involves tapping on specific meridian points on the body while focusing on a particular problem or issue. It can help reduce the intensity of negative emotions and promote calm and relaxation.

Tap several times in the following places on your body.

  • Hand (Karate Chop)
  • Top of the head
  • Eyebrow
  • Side of the eye
  • Under the eye
  • Under the nose
  • Chin
  • Collar Bone
  • Under the Arm.

At Eternal Engagements, we believe mental health is as important as physical health. We’re committed to providing our clients the support they need to manage anxiety and other mental health conditions. If you’re struggling with anxiety or other mental health issues, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Our app and EAP are just a few of the many resources available to help you take control of your mental health and live your best life.

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