National Pet Day 2023

National Pet Day 2023

National Pet Day 2023

Today is National Pet Day, and here at Eternal Engagements, we’re celebrating by showcasing the furry friends that make up our team. They’re more than just pets, they’re members of our family, and we’re proud to share them with you. Do keep reading to meet our beloved companions and learn more about each!

Prudence (Prue for short)

Prudence is a 9-year-old black and white cat who loves to chase paper balls and particularly likes prawns but will settle for a few Dreamies. She is known for her hunting skills, but since moving to a new house, she has enjoyed sleeping instead. If her dad works from home and is on a team call, she can’t resist the urge to walk on the keyboard! The team always enjoys seeing her on camera!

Mylie (A.K.A Fury flash bang)

Miley is a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois who is an outdoors enthusiast and loves long walks and running alongside her dad’s bike. She loves being around her family and gets extremely excited when visitors come to see her, earning her the nickname “Fury Flash Bang.” Miley has a refined taste and enjoys steak as her favourite treat, along with playing with her preferred Kong dog toys.

Teddy (Ted for short)

Teddy, a 7-year-old cat, was welcomed into the family after the passing of their previous cat, George. While he is a copycat of George, Teddy prefers his own space and is more affectionate when he wants something, especially one of his 3-4 daily meals of Felix – doubly delicious.

At Eternal Engagements, we understand the importance of pets in our lives and their positive impact on our mental and emotional well-being. Today, we are celebrating National Pet Day by showcasing some of the beloved pets of our team members. Our team members’ pets bring joy and companionship to their daily lives. We are proud to offer employee benefits such as discounts on popular pet food and treat brands and pet insurance options through our employee benefits app. We believe in the power of pets to improve our overall well-being and are happy to support our team members in their pet ownership journey.

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